Harlon Partheos

Imperial Guard Medic


Harlon has a messy mop of black hair with green eyes. He always seem to bear the soot and grime from his home, the Forge World Turanshush, no matter how well he washes. Harlon seems to always be in his Standard Issue Guardsman armour with his trusty lasgun at his side. His lasgun has seen numerous conflicts and although it has seen better days it always seems to be well maintained.


Harlon Partheos was born and raised on Turanshush on the Mechanicus side of the planet. His father and mother were Foundry #15896 doctors. It was there that Harlon had his hands on training with stiching people back together. Harlon always wanted to see more of the world than just his hab-block, so he enlisted in the local guard regiment. Noticing his medical talent, he served in the Medic Division of the 37th Turanshush Regiment eventually becoming the the leader of the Medic Division. Harlon fought in numerous engagements, mostly dealing with cult uprisings, Orks or Eldar. Harlon watched a number of his friends and comrades get shredded by the shuriken based weapons and he has since developed a deep hatred of Eldar.

It was the Eldar that led to the Inquisition noticing Harlon. The 37th was on a regular patrol mission of a backwater world when they came under sudden assault from Eldar raiders. A large portion of the regiment was wiped out in the Eldar’s alpha strike with Harlons Medic Division retreating to a nearby farmstead with what survivors they could carry. It was in this farmstead that Harlon led the defense of his men, setting up traps and ambushes that forced the Eldar to be more careful. However tricky and guile are the Eldars game and they eventually whittled Harlons force down to 20 men, most of which were medics. Prepared to sell his life in the name of the Emperor, Harlon and his men waited for the final attack, but that attack never came. The Eldar had vanished as suddenly as they appeared. The survivors eventually made it back to their home with tales of how Harlon saved them from Eldar Raiders. The Inquisition picked up on these tales and offered Harlon a chance to serve with them, rooting out the mutant, the xenos and the heretic in the Emperors name. Harlon jumped at the chance to serve the famed secret police of the Imperium.

“Regroup, Retreat, Repeat”
~37th Turanshush Regiment Motto

“Our job isn’t to get blown up, our job is to put the pieces back together and get them back into the fight.”
~Harlon Partheos to medic recruits

“Medic #3447 has an acceptable mending record of 67%, as well as a kill count that exceeds some of the combat units.”
~Magos Shroud on Harlon Partheos’ combat record

“Watch out for those pointy eared freaks, what you may think is shadow or a flicker of the light are likely to be those filthy xenos.”
~Harlon Partheos on his hatred of the Eldar

Harlon Partheos

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