Flavia "Flavian" Caradoc

An Ex-Administratum Curator Turned Acolyte


Caradoc has brown hair, blue eyes and is the pale skin typical of a voidborn. He wears a practical set of administratum robes, equipped with steel gauntlets and jackboots. He bears a Westingkrup Model 20 Stub Revolver, which he keeps well maintained and calls Alaric, which he says is a “she”. He is also equipped with a data slate and several scrolls of detailing his life in memoir.


Flavia’s Dataslate
Flavia “Flavian” Caradoc is a ex-curator for the Adeptus Administratum who was assigned to recording and preserving knowledge between planets in the Golgenna Reach, primarily around the hive planet of Bront. He was a known advocate of being physically and mentally capable to be ready to adapt to any situation the Imperium demanded of him. Performing above standard in marksmanship and agility based examinatus.
After bypassing bureaucratic red tape one too many times to greatly shorten the time needed to get people in dire need resources, or testing things himself to get things approved, Caradoc had the looming hammer of imperial justice over his head. He claims every thing he does has been done in service to the Imperium and Emperor. He was recruited by inquisitorial forces before punishment could be rendered, and now he serves the Imperium not as a curator of knowledge, but as an Inquisitorial Acolyte.

He is known to be very prideful about his name, despite being constantly ridiculed about it being a female name.

“Nothing is more powerful than a well oiled gun in a skilled hand, except the same hand with the knowledge of where to point it.
The Imperium needs powerful men. "
~Flavian Caradoc, when asked about his exceptional performance on firing examinatum subset L42.

“Call it a ladies name if you must, for there is nothing more romantic than a lady, and I am a man of romance.”
~Flavian Caradoc, in reply to datum scribe Karus Olium’s persiflage on the matter.

“Someone has probably wrote down everything there is to write, fact or fiction. With only so many words and with man having an excess of literary minds throughout fourty millennia, it is no wonder. However we are standing right here, the only now that there is, so it only makes sense to do something, rather than write about how someone has done, will do or might do something.”
~Flavian Caradoc, personal memoir, The Idea Is To Be A Hypocrite Without Anyone Else Knowing.

“He is a man who gets things done. Not suited for a desk job, hardly keeps to it as well. Not sure how he gets past all the red tape, but unless he does something dumb he is an asset to the Imperium and Adeptus Administratum.”
~Ordinate Selibus

“The Adeptus Administratum is an organization that is the heart of the Imperium, to every man there is a scribe marking down his actions, recording his success and mistakes, what he needs and when he will need it. Without this noble and tireless bureaucracy nobody else would be able to get things done. Curator Caradoc is a liability to this well oiled machine, an administrator records and calculates, he does not test chymical solutions that he claims have been “buried under mismanaged tera-volumes of data” to bypass this process. It should have been sent to the…"
~Prefect Arkaron

“I was trying to see how if it would work… It does.”
~Flavian Caradoc, after synthesizing promethium using a new prescribed method in his office.

“I can put a bullet between any mutant or heretic’s brain, that I can assure. And I am not talking about any old bullet, I mean a bullet specifically synthesized to hold a solution to counteract their bio-regenerative tissue. Did I mention I also know the entire data-library of Canopus, and have processed numerous data-stacks from all over Synod and Calixis at large?”
~Flavian Caradoc, after being saved from being charged with ministerial misconduct by inquisitorial forces.

Flavia "Flavian" Caradoc

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